Volunteer Policies

One of the many goals we have for our families at HEARTS is to keep the registration fee low. This is achieved by having volunteers, working together to help the co-op run smoothly.

HEARTS charges a small registration fee to cover Administration costs and the class fees are paid directly to the teachers. As such, volunteering is required for every family. We require that each family spends 20 hours per school year volunteering. The extensive list of volunteer positions will be sent in June. The positions range from Study Hall Monitor to chaperoning events. An overview of each position and the amount of hours it totals will be listed, along with the Volunteer Registration Form. We encourage early registration for these positions as it is first come, first served. If you wait too long, your preferred position may be taken. You will be able to register for a volunteer job and log the hours you have completed right on our website.

Volunteers that do not fulfill the assigned role, or end the year without meeting the 20 hour requirement, will incur a bill, calculating the amount of hours you are lacking x $25. We know that families have busy schedules and finding 20 hours of volunteer time can be difficult. In return, we hope you understand that each volunteer vacancy will require HEARTS to hire someone to fill that position. For this reason, the volunteer requirement can be waived by sending a separate check for $500 when you mail in your registration checks and forms. By submitting your registration, you acknowledge that you have read this document and have a clear understanding of what is required.